BelRay MC-38 Fiber Filter Oil

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BelRay MC-38 Fiber Filter Oil

BelRay MC-38 Fiber Filter Oil

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Product Details

Bel-Ray Fiber Filter Oil is an easy to apply waterproof premium product specifically designed for fiber/gauze type air filters. Maximum intake air flow is maintained while removing all airborne contaminants commonly found on street motorcycles.


For 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines in motorcycles or ATVs
Equally suitable for air-cooled or liquid-cooled engines
For best performance and protection over all rpm, high loads or idling speeds
Use when maximum contaminant-free intake air flow is to be maintained

Features and Benefits

Superior tackiness - Traps the finest dust and sand for reduced abrasive wear while staying on filter for longer engine protection. Special viscometric formulation maintains maximum filter efficiency and maximum intake air flow for superior power.
Waterproof - Will not wash off in the rain or when the engine is sprayed with water during washing. Ensures continued protection in wet conditions for reduced wear and longer engine life.
Easy to use - The aerosol spray simplifies application. Red color makes it easy to spray evenly with full coverage for maximum performance without creating a mess or spill.
Fast drying - Fast and easy application. No mess for greater riding enjoyment.

General Description

Bel-Ray Fiber Filter Oil is recommended for all applications. It is fast drying and easy to use. This waterproof fiber filter oil will maintain top filter performance without gumming up the filter element or being sucked into the intake passages allowing maximum flow of clean air. By eliminating abrasive wear and trapping airborne contaminants, Bel-Ray Fiber Filter Oil provides maximum power and performance, long-lasting protection and longer lasting engines.

Caution: Use in a well-ventilated space. Product is flammable and should be used with appropriate caution. Do not spray on a hot surface or in proximity to flames or open fire. Do not puncture or incinerate container, even when empty. Always wear safety glasses when using this product. Keep container away from heat. - MC-38

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