BelRay Super Dot 5 Silicone Brake Fluid 12oz

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BelRay Super Dot 5 Silicone Brake Fluid 12oz

BelRay Super Dot 5 Silicone Brake Fluid 12oz

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Product Details

Bel-Ray Silicone DOT 5 Brake Fluid is for all applications specifying DOT 5 silicone type brake fluid. It exceeds FMVSS 116 specification. When maximum performance is needed, Bel-Ray Silicone DOT 5 Brake Fluid provides superior fade-free brake performance under the most demanding high- and low temperature extremes.


When DOT 5 product is specified for hydraulic brake systems
For consistent “feel” and long lasting superior brake performance such as racing

Features and Benefits

High boiling point - Eliminates brake fade for superior performance.
Non-water absorbing - Will not attract water that can lower the boiling point of the fluid. When boiling occurs, the compressibility of the fluid is greatly reduced, leading to brake fade or possible braking failure. No water contamination results in no loss in braking power.
Better lubrication - Offers superior lubrication of master cylinder and brake pistons preventing the possible severe abrasion between the sealing cups and pistons that can take place when under pressure. Ensures optimum sealing against leaks or pressure loss for consistent brake “feel” and performance.
Corrosion protection - Lack of moisture absorption minimizes rust and corrosion for better sealing and longer component life.
User friendly - Will not affect plastic or painted surfaces. Non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-irritating.

General Description

Bel-Ray Silicone DOT 5 Brake Fluid is specially formulated to exceed all DOT 5 specifications for superior brake performance. It is compatible with all DOT 5 type products and has outstanding high- and low temperature properties for consistent and fade-free braking performance. Bel-Ray DOT 5 will not absorb water and is non-corrosive and non-toxic. It will not affect painted surfaces and other materials.

Application Instructions

For best results drain and replace the brake fluid once a year. Flush and refill with fresh Bel-Ray Silicone DOT 5 Brake Fluid. Bleed the hydraulic system as recommended by the manufacturer. Check and replace damaged seals and dust protectors if needed. Dispose of empty container in a responsible manner.

Caution: Do not mix with DOT 3 or DOT 4 type brake fluids which are incompatible with DOT 5. Store in a cool and dry environment. Always wear safety glasses when using this product. Keep container away from heat and tightly closed to prevent moisture absorption. - MC-25

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