BelRay Foam Filter Oil

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BelRay Foam Filter Oil

BelRay Foam Filter Oil

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Product Details

Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil is an easy to apply waterproof premium product specifically designed for foam filter elements. It maintains maximum intake air flow while removing airborne contaminants encountered in serious off-road conditions and other dusty or wet applications.


For 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines used in off-road motorcycles or ATVs operating in dirty or wet environments
Equally suitable for air-cooled or liquid-cooled engines
For best performance and protection at high rpm, high loads or idling speeds
Use when contaminant-free intake air flow is to be maintained

Features and Benefits

Superior tackiness - Traps even the finest dust and sand reducing abrasive wear, while remaining on the filter for longer engine protection.
Specially formulated to maintain maximum intake air flow for superior power.
Waterproof - Will not wash off in the rain or when the engine is sprayed with water during washing. Ensures continued protection in wet conditions for reduced wear and longer engine life. Full compatibility - Ensures air tight connection of rubber foam filter seal. Will not cause elastomer swell, hardening and brittleness or degradation of the foam filter element.

General Description

Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil should be used for all off-road applications and dusty environments. Recommended in high performance or racing 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines, this easy-to-use waterproof foam filter oil will maintain top filter performance without deterioration of rubber seals and filter elements for maximum flow of clean air intake. Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil's exceptional protection results in longer lasting engines, maximum power and superior performance by trapping all airborne contaminants and eliminating abrasive wear for longer lasting engines.

Application Instructions

Start with a clean filter. Place the filter in a plastic bag and add Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil into the bag. Work the Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil into the filter until it is uniformly dispersed throughout the filter. The blue color will help determine if the filter is completely coated.

Remove the filter from the bag. Squeeze out the excess Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil being careful not to tear the filter. Allow the product to dry before installing.

Caution: Use in a well-ventilated area. Keep container away from heat.

With continual research and development, Bel-Ray Company, Inc. reserves the right to change information contained herein. The Company is not responsible for misuse or misapplication of its products. - 939017016

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