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Akrapovic SP Series Bolt-on Mufflers For DL 1000 Stainless/Titanium

Akrapovic SP Series Bolt-on Mufflers For DL 1000 Stainless/Titanium
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Code: 1811-0426
Price: $886.46
Shipping Weight: 15.00 pounds
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SP SERIES exhaust systems are made of high-quality stainless steel in order to make the given model of exhaust system more affordable. Since the Suzuki and Kawasaki are set up similarly, this Akrapovic SLIP-ON SP SERIES exhaust system fits on both motorcycles. The system is designed for riders who want to make a primarily aesthetic modification to their bike at a reasonable price. The system also includes a built-in noise damper, and therefore conforms to traffic regulations with regard to exhaust system noise levels for street use.


Measurements of the Akrapovic SLIP-ON SP SERIES system on the SUZUKI V-STROM DL 1000 (without noise damper):
Power: the engine breathes nicely through the system, as shown by the power and torque curves. The power increase grows linearly all the way from the low end right to the top of the rpm range. Max. power of 96.7 HP is achieved at 8200 rpm.
Torque: the stock torque figures are substantially increased throughout the rpm range with the Akrapovic SLIP-ON SP SERIES. The increase is most noticeable at around 6000 rpm, which suits the character and purpose of the bike.
stock /AKRAPOVIC max. increased power max. rear wheel power HP / rpm
94.3 / 8200 96.7 / 8200 3.8 / 7000

The Akrapovic SLIP-ON SP SERIES exhaust system is the same for both the Suzuki and the Kawasaki. It is made up of two stainless steel cylindrical link pipes and two mufflers. The individual link pipes are attached to the stock header assembly and the mufflers using free-floating joints. The connection to the header assembly is secured with a metal clamp and a spring, while the muffler joint uses only a spring. The mufflers are attached to the frame using Akrapovic carbon-fiber clamps. The mufflers have built-in noise dampers with which they conform to exhaust system noise level regulations for street use. - 1811-0426